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Pictures from the Old West

Chuck Wagon

Bat Matterson and Wyaty Earp

Crystal Palace Saloon


Stage Station

Pancho and his gang

Apache Kid with other members of an Apache Tribe


Buffalo Herd on the Plains

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10th Infranry Bn on Patrol

Apache Prisoners

Bigfoot Sioux Indian

Buffalo Bill and Hunting party

Wagon on Pikes Peak Trail

Camp Apache

Camp Hidden Wood Creek

Canyon Del Chelle

Cattle Round Up

U.S. Army Calvary

Central Hotel

Cheyenne Wyoming

Lawmen and Clerical Staff

Clifton, Arizona Jail

Cinching up a barrel of Flour

Covered Wagon

Scene of Custer's Last Stand

Flagstaff Arizona

Frank Webner

General Cook's HQ Camp

GoldHill during the Gold mining Era of the West

Harrison Ave
Oklahoma Territory 1893

Indian Reception

John Heith Execution

Kelley Saloon

Line outside a land office
 Settlers filing Claims

Soldiers Having Lunch

Miner's Camp

Missourri Riverboat

Montanna Ranch

Officer's HQ at Ft. Rawinings

Panning for Gold

U.S. Cav. Parade 1888

Peace Commission

Man on trail on Pike's Peak in Colorado

Roundup at the Sherman Ranch

Another Saloon in a Western town

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Western Schoolhouse shown with teacher and Students

Execution of a soldier

Stagecoach and Stage Station

Trappers by their Cabin

Union Pacific Railroad

Villa of the Brule Indian Camp

Wood Jailhouse in Wyoming

Photo of Judge Bean and gang

Wild Bill Hickok
Wyatt Earp
The Regulators

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