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Indian Tribes of the West

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These are some of the Indian Tribes of the Old West.
some of the Tribes still are around today.

                Apache                    Commanche                Sioux                   Arapaho                Ute
                Cherokee                 Seminole                     Navajo                Choctaw                Chickasaw

                The indians lived off the land and required larges areas because they hunted for their food.
                They often raided each other or wagon trains moving west.  War was a way of life for the indians,
                That is how they prided theirselves, was by how brave they are and how many coups they counted.
                Amoung the best fighters were the Apache Tribe.  These men were the best guerilla fighters the
                world has ever seen.  Yet they had their honor.  The white eyes, as they called the white man,
                viewed them as savages, because they did not understand the Indian way of life.  They judged
                the Indians by Christian standards, which was not the way to judge the Indian.  In most camps,
                a white man could walk into the camp and not be harmed, at least not until he left the camp or
                Rivera.  The Indian respected courage and bravery and nothing else.  If a man showed courage
                and bravery, sometimes the Indians left him alone.  Most Indians did not fight at night because they
                believed that if they died in a fight, they would not find their way.  
                They traded in horses and such.  An Indian brave will steal a number of horses and pay them to
                 the squaw's father who he is interested in.  They were amoung the best of thieves also.
                 In the eastern states, before the revolution,  if you fought a good fight and were brave and
                 courages, and were killed, the Indians did not take the scalp because the white man was brave.
                 In most cases, that did not hold true with the western tribes, though they did respect bravery and

                 If anyone has additional information on the above tribes, or can name some additional tribes, please
                 let me know.  Also if any of the information is wrong, please let me know and I will correct it.
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