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Guns of the Old West

These are some of the weapons used by the cowboys and gunfighters and outlaws of the Old West.  There are more which will be added at a later date.

The weapons were mainly used for defense of self and property and were rarely used as an offensive weapon.  One did not draw a weapon on a person unless one intended to shoot.  

Only Tinhorns put notches in the stock of the pistol to mark how many kills he made.  A professional gunfighter or one not seeking a reputation did not notch his weapon's stock.

Colt 45 Revolver

74 Sharps

85 Singer


Army Colt 45

Henry Rifles

Highwall Rifles

Lever Action Rifles

Pistol, 44 cal, 45, cal, etc.

Lever Action Rifle

Another Type of Lever Action Riflle

Three types of Rifles Used in the Old West

Different styles of Rifles were made

Sharps 74c

Sharps Cavalry 74

Springfield 73

Winchester 66's

Winchester Rifle

Various Caliber of ammunition used by gunfighters and cowboys of the Old West


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