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Credits and Disclaimers.

The Graphics on this website were from Free Graphic Sites found on the web.
Feel Free to use any graphics on the site, but if any have links to them, please give credit where credit due.
Any graphics that are found to be copyrighted will be removed without hesitation at the request of the author.
If you are the designer, please contact me at John Haglund  and I will gladly Remove the Graphic or Picture.
If I do use a copyrighted picture, there will be proper credit given to the photographer or author, either in this page or linked
to the image or picture.

Picture of Louis L'Amour from
The Louis L'Amour Companion
bu Robert Weinberg.

Pictures are not mine, they are taken from the following sites. My only interest is sharing the History of the Old West.
Potriats of the Old West by Salamander Books Limited, London
Most pictures are found in the internet and no known authors. I do not claim to have Copyrights on these pictures and the real owners are hard to find since these pictures are used widely on the internet.
If you are the owner of one or more of the pictures, email me and I will gladly remove them from the site.


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Thanks to Sam's Silver Graphics for the Use of Some of the Graphics used

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