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                            The Old West is not what Hollywood and some History Courses make it out
                        to be.  The West of the 1800's was a mixture of people, Lawyers, Doctors,
                        Accountants, Mountain Men, Bakers, Cooks, etc.  For whatever reason they   
                        left the east to travel west, they all had one thing in common, they wanted
                        to be free, free of that present society, to explore new lands.
                        The west did not tolerate laziness, or weakness.  If you could not conform to the
                        land, the west had a way of weeding the weak and lazy out, be it by death, or
                        being run out.
                         The Indians were the most misunderstood nation of people in the west.  The
                          whites called them savages because they did not understand the way of the
                           Indian.  The whites could not comprehend the Indian way of Life.  They
                          were not savages, they were the best guirilla fighting force the world has
                          ever seen.  They respected bravery and courage, not weakness and

                            The Bad Man was not necessarily a bad man.  He was a generally
                            not a trouble hunter or maker, but he was somebody not to be
                            messed with, he was a bad man to get into a fight with.

                            The Gunfighter.  The gunfighter was not generally an outlaw.
                            These were men who had a natural skill with a pistol, their
                             hand-eye coordination was superb and they are capable of
                             out-drawing the average gunhand.  They were not trouble
                             makers and most were not braggarts.  They got their
                             reputations from greenhorns thinking they could out draw
                             them and were usually pushed into a fight.                         



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