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Awards This Site Has Won

Presented by Rosemarie - Anchor's Away

Presented by S2S Competition Winner Team Level

Presented by South Americans Web Competition

Presented by South American Web Competition

Presented by Spirits2Shine, Wild West Spirits For Winning Silver Qualifying Round
Spirit Award

Presented by Mystery Lady

Presented by S2S for Winning Silver Playoffs

Presented by Emporer's Gate - North Gallery Level Winner

Presented by Cherokee for winning Gold Level at S2S

Presented to Wild West Team at S2S by Cherokee

Presented by Emporer's Gate for winning Kings Chamber Level

Presented by Cherokee for Winning Team Level Wild West.

Presented by Cherokee for winning Bronze Level at S2S.

Presented by Cherokee for winning Silver Qualifier Round at S2S.

Presented by TL of Khufu at Emporer's Gate.

For winning Final Showdown First Week.

Winner Wild Bunch Level 10/13/05.

Voted every day of the Week 10/13/05.

Cheered every day of Week 10/13/05.

Presented by for 100 votes.

Song is Ghostriders in the Sky

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