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Warning, do not right click awards! ! !

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These awards are designed either predesign or personalized to recognize the talent of the Site Owners. I will review your site and if I like it, I will send you your award. I look at originallity, graphics, Guestbook, and content, and easy navigation.


  • 1. Sites must contain no pornogrophy.
  • 2. Sites must not disrespect God, Country and our Veterans.
  • 3. Sites must not disrespect our Flag.
  • 4. No anti-american sites will be looked at..
  • 5. Personal Web Pages only, no commercial pages.
  • 6. Sites will be evaluated on originallity.
  • 7. Site URL must be included in Email
  • 8. Name of your site must be included
  • 9. If you would like a certain award, please include the number of the award with your email.
  • 10. If you would like it personalized, Put a P by the number in the number request line, ie: 4P or if use Email, state personalized.
  • 11. Please do not try to right click any of the awards, this page is protected.

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